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Some time ago my sister and I discovered the Genlias project, disclosing records from the civil registry, as far as privacy-laws allow. Curiously, we began to bother older family members with all kinds of questions regarding our family. To begin with, we wanted to know where the family name came from, so we started with a Hellenbrand family tree. Once busy, we also checked out our mother's family, resulting in a van Vegchel family tree.

Little did we know, that this work can be very addictive. As we progressed, our curiosity grew, and the grandmother's families were taken in our stride. The overall results of our research can be found here. Last update: aug 5 2013. We express our special thanks to the people who have contributed data. Their names are mentioned on the respective pages.

A soldier Leonardus Hellebrand procreated in several garrison towns, and spread out from Maastricht towards the north (Hillebrandt) and east. This Leonardus is possibly related to our family. Many thanks to Maarten Hillebrandt and Ron Dunford (Aus) for their contributions. Last update: aug 5 2013

In the province of Limburg existed more branches with the related name Hellebrand:
Marie-Luise Carl supplied a lot of the data for the branch from Vaals.
Heinz Matzerath gave us the branch from Stein.
There was also a branch in Arcen and Venlo.

The branch in the western part of the province of North-Brabant is rooted in Belgium.
Also, a branch existed in the area of Doetinchem, whose name later changed to Hillebrand.

Other families Hillebrand/Hildebrand had their roots in Utrecht, Lochem and Wijhe.
The family Hillebrand from the province of Zeeland came originally from Germany. With contributions by W.M. (Wim) van Noort.

A list of other (near-)namesakes in the Netherlands can be found here.
Especially in the province of Zeeland, many occurences of a name like Hollebrand can be found.

During my research, I found these remarkable people.

Unnecessary to mention that this is a work in progress. We welcome all additions, remarks and (positive ;-)) criticism.

Main sources:
Genlias, using the Genlias Monitor
Municipal and regional archives in Heerlen (Civil registry Amstenrade and Bingelrade)
Search engines and family trees
Obituary cards
Genealogical data from Limburg
Genealogical data from North-Brabant
Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen - Personenstandsarchiv Brühl (Germany)
Derivation table Republican and Gregorian calendar

With a touch of melancholy, we looked at these old maps.

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